Visit Our Labs

CIAN offers its students the opportunity to apply for travel grants to visit partner laboratories both within and outside the USA. This gives the students the opportunity to collaborate with other CIAN students, professors, and laboratories.

Below you will find invitations from our partners to visit and learn more about what’s going on in their labs.

CIAN students are allowed one travel grant per year. If you are a CIAN student and would like to apply for a travel grant visit the CIAN website.

Visit our lab at…

Columbia University

Lightwave Research Laboratory

The Lightwave Research Laboratory, led by Professor Keren Bergman, is a part of Columbia University in the City of New York. We aim to investigate the realization of dynamic optical data routing in transparent optical interconnection networks, develop potentially disruptive technology solutions with ultra-high throughput, minimal access latencies, and low power dissipation that remains independent of data capacity, while ultimately capitalizing on the enormous bandwidth advantage enabled by dense wavelength division multiplexing. Every day, we work towards discoveries that will revolutionize the fields of communication, computer architecture, and silicon photonics. We’d love to host any other CIAN students interested in collaborating (and seeing NYC!) Come out to The City and see what we’re up to!

the students of Columbia

University of Arizona

Holographic Display & Optical Switching Lab

Dr. Robert Norwood leads the Holographic Display and Optical Switching Lab at the University of Arizona’s College of Optical sciences. We’re working to push bright high-resolution updatable holograms to video-rate speeds and use the same holographic concepts to drive high-speed all-optical switching technologies. With projects running the gamut from fundamental materials development up to full-system design, we’re pushing the boundaries on both the technologies that enable networks as well as those that utilize them. Our door is open for both visitors and collaborators interested in cutting edge applications in holography!

We have a video you can link to; our lab was recently featured on the discovery channel (around the 3 minute mark). We hope to see you in Arizona soon!

the University of Arizona students

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