University of Arizona

Lacomb_thumbnail_61Dr. Lloyd LaComb
I graduated from Stanford University in 1989 with a Ph.D. in Applied Physics where I developed acoustic and atomic force microscopes. My recent research focuses on novel laser systems, holographic imaging systems, and holographic elements for near-to-eye displays and solar collections systems. During most of my career, I managed teams of scientists and engineers developing commercial high precision imaging and metrology products for the semiconductor, medical and research markets. I have managed over 15 product development programs that have resulted in commercially successful products generating over $1B in revenue. Later in my career, I transitioned to general management and led a multi-site domestic and international organization developing new atomic force and interferometric metrology products. I hope that my experiences can enrich CIAN students by providing a commercial and financial perspective on programs and research.

Galina Khitrova
Dr. Galina Khitrova

norwood_thumbnail_61Dr. Robert Norwood
Nasser_thumbnail_76Dr. Nasser Peyghambarian
John WissingerDr. John Wissinger
Dr. Jun He
Dr. Ivan Djordjevic
Dr. Khanh Kieu
Dr. Milorad Cvijetic
Dr. Mahmoud Fallahi
Dr. Thomas Koch
Dr. Pierre-Alexandre Blanche

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