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UCLA’s Explore Your Universe

Every year at the University of California, Los Angeles a gigantic event is hosted by all the science departments and student clubs. And the CIAN students at UCLA have a big hand in making this day a reality.

This year, the Explore Your Universe event was a great success. Over 5,000 attendees explored different science booths from UCLA featuring a variety of exhibits ranging from flash freezing objects using liquid nitrogen (chemistry), launching model rockets, to using new robots on different planets (astronomy). Talks were given by guest lecturers, and near the end of the event, the planetarium was open for viewing the night sky.

The booth set up by CIAN students and OSA/SPIE Student Chapter members at UCLA was a premier location to see and one of the booths that required a visit to win a prize. CIAN students and OSA/SPIE Student Chapter members at UCLA kept themselves busy for 6-hours straight teaching children and adults alike about optics. They had a blast using the optics demonstrations provided in the CIAN duffle bag. The tools were so effective that even parents and teachers asked where they could purchase some of the demonstrations to teach their kids!  People of all ages were present with most of the kids from 5-16 years.


Cejo Konuparamban Lonappan is a Ph.D.student at the University of California, Los Angeles, working under the guidance of professors, Dr. Bahram Jalali and Dr. Asad M. Madni. His research interests include the design and development of real-time high throughput instruments, high speed and RF circuits and systems, integrated photonics, and optical communication networks. He developed the real-time time-stretch (TiSER) technology which was used at the CIAN Testbed for Optical Aggregate Networks (TOAN) test-bed to demonstrate rapid optical performance measurement to enable agility in optical transport networks. He received the 2014 IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society Graduate Fellowship Award. He is an active member of the OSA and SPIE student chapters in UCLA and various IEEE societies.


Daniel Lam received his PhD degree from UCLA in Electrical Engineering under the guidance of Professors Bahram Jalali and Asad M. Madni.  He is currently working at Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems.  His current interests are high speed measurements, fiber optic telecommunication networks, radar, and laser optics.  While with CIAN he worked on the Testbed for Optical Aggregate Networks and time-stretch technology. He is an active member in spreading optics awareness through CIAN outreach and the OSA/SPIE Student Chapter at UCLA.


Real-time Optical Performance Monitoring Using Time-stretch Technology

Date: Friday, September 12, 2014
Time: 1:30pm Pacific Time

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Daniel Lam
Ph.D. Candidate
CIAN Graduate Student

Daniel Lam received a B.S. degree in Optical Sciences and Engineering from The University of Arizona in 2008, and a M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in 2009.  His research has been focused on digital broadband linearization of optical links and performing high speed measurements using time stretch technology under the guidance of Professors Bahram Jalali and Asad M. Madni.  He is an engineer with Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems since 2009.  He is also a recipient of the Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems Fellowship.


With the rapid development of optical networks, optical performance monitoring (OPM) has become a necessity for managing high capacity optical transmission and switching systems.  The transmission capacity can be attained by utilizing amplitude, phase, and polarization of optical waves to send information at increasing data rates.  However at higher transmission rates, impairments in the link could affect the optical wave properties that would impact information capacity.  This in turn requires the implementation of high speed monitoring techniques to monitor degradation/faults in the system and to perform efficient, automated corrective actions in the optical fiber communication network.  The Time-Stretch Enhanced Recorder (TiSER) is capable of providing real-time, in-service, signal analysis for degradation/fault detection.  By generating eye diagrams in real-time, TiSER can provide valuable information on important performance parameters such as bit error rate, rise and fall times, timing jitter, and other optical impairments.  Rapid OPM techniques to measure and provide mean time to repair and mean time to failure is required for next generation agile networks.

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2014 09-12 Daniel Lam

SiCloud: Silicon Photonics Cloud

SiCloud is a free, web-based outreach platform for silicon photonics developed in the Jalali-Lab at UCLA as part of CIAN. SiCloud’s vision is to provide a host of web-based tools for educational, research and industrial communities. This form of outreach complements CIAN’s on-site outreach and the Super Courses by providing an in-depth, exploratory approach to learning Silicon Photonics, in a manner that:

  1. Can easily be accessed by anyone from anywhere.
  2. Is interactive, bolstering the learning and research experience.

UCLA graduate student Peter DeVore led the development of SiCloud. It was first introduced on May 14 at the 2014 CIAN Annual NSF Site Visit in Tucson, Arizona. SiCloud will continually be updated and broadened. There are plans to make it open source, so that the broader community can contribute to its development.


Credit: © 2009 Saad Faruque, used under the CC BY-SA 2.0 License.


Research Experience for Undergraduates – Apply Today!


It’s that time of year again and we’re accepting applications for the Integrated Optics for Undergraduates (IOU) Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program.

If you have not heard of the IOU-REU before you can start by watching this video.

To learn more about the IOU-REU program and to apply please visit our website. Here you will also find Continue reading