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A Magical Internship: Feibien Cheah at Disney

While I was biking home from my first final during my Spring 2017 semester, I received a phone call from a number from Anaheim, California. I thought nothing of it as I continued to bike home. After about an hour of the “post-final-I-might-have-to-retake-this-class” episode, I decided to return the missed call. I had applied for an internship position via email and I

Everyone around me was incredibly passionate

didn’t really think of it in great detail as I know that this company is incredibly prominent and would never select an undergraduate to do an internship with them.  Fast forward after the phone call, I was shocked and jittery because I didn’t know what had just happened to me in the past hour. I just got my first internship with none other than Walt Disney Imagineering!

Mind you, I am not a big Disney follower. I did, however; play video games on the classics of my era, as I didn’t really enjoy the movies, such as The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, and Aladdin just to name a few. But that is the full extent of my Disney knowledge. Within Walt Disney Imagineering, I was under the Disney Research group and what we did was more academia focused where we write papers and patents. Essentially, we are pretty far away from the actual implementation in the parks.

At the company, I worked in Glendale, California, a city just behind the famous Hollywood sign. I was hired to do VR, AR, and projection optics. I, however;

One of the most, if not the most, magical experiences in my life

was not strictly confined to the scope of my job. My boss and I were essentially full-time researchers and part time optics consultants.

Day-to-day work life at the company is amazing, to say the least. Everyone around me was incredibly passionate about the things that they are doing and also many of them are leading scientists or professors in their field. As an intern, work life was also incredible. There are many events for interns such as overnight tours at the parks, lunch meet-ups with other interns, lunch meet-ups with an assigned mentor within the company, “take the day off and go to the park while you are getting paid” day, ping pong tournaments, I can go on and on.

Now that my internship has ended, I am officially a fairly big Disney fan. Trust me it is hard to resist the atmosphere of happy ending movies, the song “Let it Go,” crazy state of the art animations while putting a story behind it, and of course the free admission to the parks as an intern. Trust me it was incredible! Please be weary that I am about to use some face palm worthy clichés. All in all, this summer has been a fairy tale to me. A lot of people might not believe it but it was one of the most, if not the most, magical experiences in my life.

Feibien Cheah is an undergraduate at the University of Arizona studying Optical Engineering with a minor in Mechanical Engineering. Previously, Feibien worked with Pierre Blanche under the CIAN fellowship on 3D heads up displays and optical switches. Currently, he is working with Roger Angel at the Steward Observatory Solar Lab doing research on CPV and off axis interferometer systems.

Being a Young Scholar – A High School Student Opportunity

Are you a young, enthused individual who wants to work with lasers, gain valuable research skills, have fun AND get paid while doing this? These were the proposals that caught my attention and motivated me to apply to the Center for Integrated Access Networks (CIAN) Young Scholars internship program. While I was uncertain whether I would be a good candidate for this opportunity I knew that I had a desire to learn and gain valuable research skills and this program offered exactly what I desired.

CIAN logo

After submitting my application and anxiously waiting for a response, in December of 2013 the program coordinator contacted me and asked whether I was interested in participating in the program. I immediately agreed, because I knew that this was my chance to get involved in something exciting and meaningful. After exchanging a couple of email messages I was set up for an interview and told to prepare myself for an exciting opportunity.

Soon enough the big day arrived and before I could comprehend what was happening, I found myself knocking at the interviewer’s door. Continue reading

Being a “T” Shaped Engineer (and further adventures in Washington)

Have you heard the phrase “being a T shaped engineer” before? I first encountered the term last summer during my internship with Raytheon, and was reminded of it this week during a conversation at Lockheed. I’ve had the opportunity to interact with and attend meetings with the five young engineers at this site that are in Lockheed Martin’s Engineering Leadership Development Program. The ELDP is a three year program that helps young engineers become strong leaders through training conferences, rotational assignments, and mentoring from leadership. At the June meeting with the ELDP group, the idea of being T shaped came up, and how valuable being T shaped is. I’ve never heard the term at the University of Arizona before, so I thought it would be worthwhile to discuss the idea. Continue reading

Greetings from Washington State!

Greetings from the state of Washington! I am up here for my internship with Lockheed Martin. This location was originally a small business, Aculight, which Lockheed acquired in 2008, because of their groundbreaking work in high power fiber lasers. This site continues to make very high power fiber lasers, and I am fortunate enough to get to work here. While I’ve worked with lasers of several watts of power before, lasers that can burn holes into metal fit into a whole new category of dangerous, so a healthy respect and nervousness around the lasers here is almost essential to prevent accidents.

Myself at the Lockheed Site in Bothell, WA

Myself at the Lockheed Site in Bothell, WA

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Internship Opportunity for Engineering Undergraduates

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