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Real Holography

Among the credits I was taking this fall at the University of Arizona was the lab course OPTI380A. This lab was a foray into the realm of physical optics. For this class we had a final project that included a final written report as well as a video report. The project had to investigate or showcase some aspect of physical optics. The video, which had to be under four minutes in length, had to effectively summarize the project.

My lab partner, Braden Smith, and I decided to look into real holography. The title of “real” indicates that we were going to make a hologram of a real object. As my bio indicates, I’ve been working with holograms for a while with CIAN. Our lab works with computational holograms, where a model from a computer is decomposed into many views that are then holographically recorded in our re-writable medium. I’ve always been interested in making a “real” hologram though. The idea interested Braden too, so we made it our project. I’ll let our video explain the rest. Check it out!

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