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Microrings as filters

In an earlier post I discussed how laser light is brought into waveguides on a chip. Now let’s look at some of the reasons we want to have light guided on chips in the first place. One device that shows the advantage of integrated optics is the ring resonator. It is a very compact device which allows precise discrimination of wavelengths.
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On-chip coupling using gratings

When we think about guided optics or photonics, we usually think about two methods of guiding light: fiber optics and integrated optics. If you aren’t very familiar with guided light, here is a great introduction to get you started. Fiber optics has long been an important technology for telecommunications, and integrated optics has recently become an intense topic of research due to its promise of guiding light on silicon chips alongside microelectronics for purposes of increasing bandwidth, among other applications. But what about the interface between these two platforms? Continue reading