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Are You A Professional?

Are You A Professional?

A local group was putting together a career development workshop, and wanted to include a section on professionals.  When asked for a definition, the first thing that came to mind is that a professional is someone who gets paid to do something.  While that may be true, it’s not always.  I have worked with some very professional volunteers, and some very amateur employees. 

What they really wanted to talk about was professionalism.  Professionalism is more a state of mind.  It’s a collection of attitudes and actions that over time demonstrate respect for and dedication to a specific goal, and usually that inspire respect and admiration from their colleagues and coworkers.


A true professional respects their colleagues, responds to them in a timely manner, and has reasonable expectations.  They judge others by the quality of their work and by their actions, with no preconceptions or irrelevant biases. Continue reading

Friday Speaker Series 2013 Episode 4 – Publishing Your Research

This week we shared a compilation of interviews from field leaders on publishing your research, provided by the American Chemical Society (ACS).

As a partial follow-up to the retreat lecture but also a great info base we shared the ACS “How to Write a Paper to Communicate Your Research,” “Writing Your Cover Letter,” and “Ethical Considerations for Authors.”

These videos are included below. To include this week’s presentation in your application for the SLC Scholarship please watch and record that you have seen them to report on your application submission.

To watch the TEDx talk see here.

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ACS On Campus – Tucson

October 25th the American Chemical Society (ACS) come to campus and held an all day workshop covering a short intro to “Basics in Scholarly Publishing” and “Copyright and Ethics in Scholarly Communication” followed by an amazing half-day workshop on “Acing the Interview.”  This workshop discussed every step of the process from initial interview, to secondary interview through the final, on-site interview and some of the most common concepts and questions you might be asked along the way. Continue reading