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CIAN Research Featured by NSF

The National Science Foundation recently visited CIAN at the University of Arizona and spoke with Dr. Nasser Peyghambarian, Director of the CIAN Engineering Research Center, and other researchers on the topic of cutting-edge 3-D hologram technology.

The article discusses the exciting impacts of CIAN’s research and how it “could be felt in almost every home. Ultra-high data bandwidth and cost effective services could contribute to business innovation, improve educational opportunities, enhance distribution of medical services, minimize the environmental impact from infrastructure and pollution, enable new and varied entertainment opportunities, and increase overall national security, just to name a few possibilities.”

Watch the video by Science Nation here!

And learn more about CIAN’s research and the future of 3-D technologies from Dr. Pierre-Alexandre Blanche as he speaks on

“Drowning the Internet and then saving it: Holographic 3-D display and holographic optical switch.”


The Discovery Channel, 3D holographic display edition

This is a snapshot from the Discovery Channel video

A snapshot from the Discovery Channel video

Remember my earlier post on the blog about the visit from the Discovery Channel? The video featuring the 3D Display Lab aired this past week on the Daily Planet as part of their Future Tech special. You can watch the video on the Discovery Channel Website in the link below. The portion involving myself and Dr. Pierre Blanche starts three minutes into the clip.



Cropped Ben face

Benjamin Cromey is pursuing his Bachelors in Optical Sciences and Engineering at the University of Arizona. As a member of the Optics Ambassadors and the Outreach Coordinator for the Student Optics Chapter, optics outreach is one of his passions. He participated in the 2012 IOU program with CIAN and has been working with 3D Holographic displays ever since.

Drowning the Internet, then saving it. – a public talk


December 6, 2013
1:30pm Arizona Mountain time (12:30pm Pacific time and 3:30pm East coast time)
College of Optical Sciences Auditorium 307 & to be streamed online (look for updates)

Assistant Research Professor
College of Optical Sciences
University of Arizona

“Drowning the Internet, then saving it.”

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A Visit from the Discovery Channel

On October 18th, those of us in the 3D Holographic Display lab  at the University of Arizona were treated to a visit from the Discovery Channel! The Canadian component of the Discovery Channel has a show called the Daily Planet, which features, among other things, interesting science  from around the world. They thought our work in re-writable holographic displays was very interesting so they came out to film it for their show.

In the summer of 2012, I was one of the participants in the Integrated Optics for Undergraduates REU within CIAN. My project for the summer was using a free program, 123D Catch, to make 3D models of real objects in order for them to be written as holograms. Because the lab has this ability as a result of my work, the Discovery Channel folks brought bobbleheads of the show hosts Continue reading