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CIAN Lecture Series Webinar – Lou Norman

Current Security Threats and How to Stop Them

Date:  Thursday, November 10, 2016
Time:  12pm PST, 1pm AZT, 3pm EST

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lounormanLou Norman
Security Consulting Systems Engineer

Lou Norman is a Security Consulting Systems Engineer with 30  years of network EXPERIENCE.  His network design experience has been utilized in Fortune 500 companies, Universities, and large school districts across the Southwest.  His current role has him focused on information security design for government and education sectors for Cisco Systems.  He holds both CCIE and CISSIP certifications, and lives in Tucson, Arizona.


There are many security challenges facing organizations today. Everything from Ransomware and data exfiltration. We will cover the current security landscape, specific threats and exploits, and steps to prevent your organization from network threats.

CIAN Lecture Series Webinar – Rajat Sharma

Towards Understanding and Exploring Artificial Nonlinearities in Silicon/Dielectric Waveguides

Date:  Friday, October 28, 2016
Time:  1pm PST, 4pm EST

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rajatRajat Sharma
Ph.D. Candidate
University of California, San Diego

Rajat is a 4th year PhD student working with Prof. Shaya Fainman at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UCSD. The main focus of his research is engineering nonlinearities in silicon. He graduated with a B.S and M.S in Electrical Engineering, with a specialization in microelectronics and VLSI, from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras in 2012.


Starting from our past-experience in studying the linear electro-optic properties of strained-silicon waveguides, we carry forth a detailed analysis of various mechanisms contributing towards the exhibited (apparent) nonlinearity. We show, both theoretically and experimentally, that the bulk of the linear electro-optic response exhibited by such waveguides can be accounted for by the so-called free-carrier, capacitive, plasma-dispersion effect. The nature (magnitude and sign) of this effect is then shown to be critically dependent on the fixed-charges that are induced on the interface between a semiconductor and a dielectric. As such, this study becomes relevant and must be taken into account, not just for silicon waveguides, but all semiconductor waveguides. The range of tunability of both the real and imaginary part of the refractive index is measured and reported, the knowledge of which can be used in desigining high-efficiency silicon-slot capacitive modulators as well as low-loss passive devices. Furthermore, in our investigations, we find that commonly used clads (in strained silicon waveguides) like silicon nitride (SiNx) can exhibit bulk second-order nonlinearity. This is demonstrated via both free-space and in-waveguide measurements and a coefficient as high as 2.23 pm/V is reported for the case of the as-deposted PECVD SiNx. This value, though small, serves as a starting point in our efforts towards leveraging the SiNx platform for on-chip modulation and nonlinear wavemixing. The value of the exhibited coefficient can be enhanced manifolds by either shifting to non-stoichiometric silicon rich nitride (SRN) and or using SiNx in a slot configuration  with silicon and utilizing the electric field induced second harmonic effect (EFISH).

Inaugural O-RETinas Summer Program Success

CIAN is excited to announce completion of the first summer of the Optics Research Experience for Teachers in Native American Schools (O-RETinas) Research Experience for Teachers (RET) summer program.

This innovative program program hosted four teachers during the 2016 summer in a variety of research labs in optics, engineering, and chemistry as well as invited them to participate in an industry practicum. The teachers not only performed a guided research project in an innovative research laboratory but they also learned about industry applications, took a course at the University of Arizona, and participated in a number of culturally related workshops.

CIAN will continue the O-RETinas program in Summer 2017. Visit the website to learn more about how to apply!

CIAN is seeking additional industry mentors for the future O-RETinas programs. If you believe your company would be interested in hosting a teacher, please contact us!

Participant Mentor & Internship School & Grades Taught Project
Nate Raynor Dr. Qing Hao
4D Technology
Mescalero Apache School, 9th-12th grades Hot Pressing
Rhonda LaFrance Dr. Xiushan Zhu & Dr. Leonid Kotov
4D Technologies
Ahkwesahsne Mohawk School, 6th-8th grades Neodymium Doped Fiber Amplifier at 935nm
Dan Moreno Dr. Jeffrey Pyun & Laura Anderson
NP Photonics
Menominee Indian School District, 9th & 11th grades Melt Processing Advances with Sulfur Copolymers For Industrial Optical Applications
Geary Crofford Dr. Robert Norwood & Christine Alvarez
NP Photonics
Woodall Middle School (Cherokee Nation), 6th-8th grades STEAM Research Projects: Diatoms, Optics, and Photonics

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CIAN Lecture Series Webinar – Chris Chase

Long Wavelength Tunable VCSELs

Date:  Friday, August 19, 2016
Time:  10am PST, 1pm EST

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Dr. Chris Chase
Bandwidth10, Inc.


Christopher Chase received his B. E. E. degree from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in 2005 in Electrical Engineering and a Ph.D. from U.C. Berkeley in 2011 in Electrical Engineering. He investigated high contrast grating integration in tunable and long wavelength VCSELs in his dissertation research. He has spent the last 5 years at Bandwidth10 in Berkeley, CA developing tunable VCSEL products for optical network and sensor applications.


Low cost tunable lasers are a key component for the implementation of next generation optical access networks. The lack of a commercially available, low-cost tunable transceiver has hindered the implementation of higher speed, WDM (wavelength division multiplexed) capable access networks. In this talk, we will present Bandwidth10’s work implementing tunable VCSELs with high contrast gratings, achieving ~25 nm mechanical tuning range and over 3 mW output power. Error-free operation of an optical link using directly-modulated tunable VCSEL-based transceivers transmitting at 10 Gbps over 16 channels and transmitted over 10 km of single mode fiber is demonstrated, showing the suitability of the HCG tunable VCSEL as a low cost source for next generation WDM communications systems in access networks.

PIC Designer Opening in Keysight Technologies

Keysight Technologies

The PIC Designer position with Keysight Labs was created because the company views photonic integrated circuits as an important emerging technology—both in terms of its impact on the markets and because of its potentially revolutionary impact on measurement solutions.  This is a special position for a number of reasons:

  1. It offers a great environment for technical and professional growth.
  2. Keysight labs expects to cultivate academic contacts through collaborations, journal publications, etc.
  3. The position calls for guidance and leadership in identifying the most impactful technology applications of PICs—and in identifying the most compelling measurement opportunities.
  4. If the research is successful, the concepts and designs developed by the researcher can become commercialized in Kesight’s next-generation instruments.

The position is a “campus hire” position and is aimed at new Ph.D. or post-docs who are within 18 months of leaving the academic setting.

Apply with Keysight Technologies Online
email Dr. Greg VanWiggeren


The successful candidate will possess a deep theoretical understanding as well as strong practical skills in the area of photonic integrated circuits (PICs).  As this is an applied research position, the successful candidate will have demonstrated a willingness to delve deeply into challenging problems and an ability to propose, develop, and implement innovative yet practical solutions.  The job will require design and development of PICs with a variety of functionalities and with a variety of applications.

Job Requirements:

  • Ph.D.
  • Strong Familiarity with
    • Design tools for PICs
    • Foundry options for PICs
    • Relevant optical material systems
    • Optical system simulation tools
    • Optical design fundamentals
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to work collaboratively with a multi-disciplinary team of peers

Other valuable skills:

  • Microwave-photonics research experience
  • Hands-on experience with test and measurement instrumentation
  • Noise and signal analysis experience


Join an extremely talented and multi-disciplinary team uniquely chartered with inventing and developing breakthrough electronic measurement technologies for Keysight Technologies (formerly the world-leading electronic measurement businesses of Agilent Technologies).  As a member of Keysight Labs, the central research organization, you’ll work with a team of experts in fields ranging from photonics and microwaves to FPGA design and software engineering.  You’ll see the results of your research in, for example, the latest next-generation high-speed oscilloscopes, optical spectrum analyzers, and even future instruments to be defined by you.

Team members are typically assigned to one of a handful of applied research projects in our research portfolio—each aimed at providing breakthrough technologies for Keysight.  These projects can be self-initiated by staff (perhaps you!) or by request from Keysight’s business units.  Our role in the central research laboratory is to develop and validate these technologies and, if they prove successful, to assist in their commercialization by Keysight’s businesses.

As a member of the team, your expertise will be applied in a variety of ways and on a variety of projects.  You’ll be asked to:

  • Identify PIC technology trends and how they can best be harnessed for Keysight
  • Invent new PIC-based measurement concepts with the potential to significantly impact Keysight’s businesses
  • Implement these innovative concepts in actual hardware and software to prove feasibility
  • Work with Keysight’s businesses to transfer the technology into commercial products.

Keyisght recognizes the key role that PICs will play in its future test and measurement portfolio.  The integration and cost-advantages provided by PICs will bring new capabilities to optical measurement products of the future.  Their potential impact also extends into Keysight’s industry-leading electronic measurement portfolio, in which PICs of the future will enable revolutionary new capabilities.  With your skills and experience and a position in Keysight Labs, you will play a leading role in contributing to that revolution.

To foster innovation, this position requires close collaboration with other team members.  Consequently, this job must be performed from our offices in Santa Clara, California.

CIAN Photonics Education & Leadership Webinar Series – Effective Communications & Personal Branding

Effective Communications & Personal Branding

Date: Friday, May 20, 2016
Time: 11am Pacific Time / Arizona Time / 2pm East Coast Time

Register now! 

This presentation is hosted by CIAN ERC & the Iranian American Women Foundation.


Roya Soleimani
Corporate Communications Manager, Social Impact


Roya Soleimani is a Corporate Communications Manager at Google where she focuses on the company’s People Operations, Diversity, Culture, Computer Science Education, and Philanthropic efforts. Roya is also a lead Google Trends analyst, highlighting trending topics across Google on radio and media across the country. Roya regularly speaks on personal branding and effective communications, and also serves as an advisor and operational partner at PejmanMar Ventures, helping early stage startups with their messaging and communications strategies.

She holds a Masters degree in Middle Eastern studies from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, and her Bachelors in Political Science and Public Policy from the University of California, Berkeley. Roya is involved with several community organizations, including the iBridges, the Iranian American Women’s Foundation, the OMID Foundation Bay Area Committee, PAAIA NexGen’s National Organizing Committee, and more.

Before joining Google, Roya served as the Research Director and co-founder of the Internet freedom project, Weapons of Mouse Destruction. She spent five years in Washington, DC where she worked for the University of California Washington Center and Voice of America’s Persian News Network. During her time at Georgetown, Roya was as a graduate student researcher on a project assessing the condition of urban Iraqi refugees in Egypt, Jordan, and Syria, the Middle East Institute, and served as a Graduate Intern at the Albright Stonebridge Group, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s global strategy firm. Roya is passionate about Internet freedom, free expression, and the continued growth of women and under represented groups in technology.

This webinar was sponsored by Iran American Women Foundation with the help of Farbia Bolurieh

CIAN and IAWF - webinar flyer updated

CIAN International Travel Grant: Pallav Presents in India

I attended the 2nd International Conference on Microwave and Photonics (ICMAP) at Indian School of Mines (ISM), Dhanbad, India with the help of the CIAN International Travel grant. Since I am from India, I was very happy to hear that I was going to attend a conference in my country, in fact I felt emotional.

ISM Dhanbad organized the conference successfully. The conference was co-sponsored by IEEEIEEE-AP SocietyIEEE-Photonics Society and URSI. Papers presented in the conference were also hosted in IEEE Xplore Digital Library. It was a 3 day event in which people from different parts of the globe took part and shared their knowledge on Microwave and Photonics. There were all together about 80 presentations.

DSCN0062I gave my presentation on “Tunable MSM Photodetectors” on the 2nd day of the event, it was well received and appreciated. Also they were surprised to know about the cleanroom fabrication done at our university. Most of the students who attended the conference are from IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) which includes some of the most prestigious universities of India.

It was a great experience for me to visit my home country after 2 years and communicate with the people in my regional language about my research work. I appreciated the other attendees’ insights on the subject from all different levels of work.

I am truly thankful to CIAN for giving me this opportunity and supporting my research work and dissemination.

Learn more about travel grants and apply.

IMG_4059Pallav Kanukuntla – Graduate Student, Norfolk State University

Pallav is a graduate student studying for his Ph.D. out of Norfolk State University under Dr.Demetris Geddis.