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IEEE ResumeLab

IEEE ResumeLab

IEEE has released a new free tool for its members, called IEEE ResumeLab.  This is a robust tool which helps you create, present, manage and share your skills with potential employers.  Not only a resume development tool, this site has a cover letter builder, interview preparation assistance and even helps you build and host a personal professional website.  Click on the link above or visit to find out more.

Current membership in IEEE is required to access this tool, but at 32$ for a student membership, this could easily be a great investment.


Are You A Professional?

Are You A Professional?

A local group was putting together a career development workshop, and wanted to include a section on professionals.  When asked for a definition, the first thing that came to mind is that a professional is someone who gets paid to do something.  While that may be true, it’s not always.  I have worked with some very professional volunteers, and some very amateur employees. 

What they really wanted to talk about was professionalism.  Professionalism is more a state of mind.  It’s a collection of attitudes and actions that over time demonstrate respect for and dedication to a specific goal, and usually that inspire respect and admiration from their colleagues and coworkers.


A true professional respects their colleagues, responds to them in a timely manner, and has reasonable expectations.  They judge others by the quality of their work and by their actions, with no preconceptions or irrelevant biases. Continue reading

ACS On Campus – Tucson

October 25th the American Chemical Society (ACS) come to campus and held an all day workshop covering a short intro to “Basics in Scholarly Publishing” and “Copyright and Ethics in Scholarly Communication” followed by an amazing half-day workshop on “Acing the Interview.”  This workshop discussed every step of the process from initial interview, to secondary interview through the final, on-site interview and some of the most common concepts and questions you might be asked along the way. Continue reading