Summer 2016 IOU Program Results

For the Summer 2016 Integrated Optics for Undergraduates (IOU) Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program CIAN hosted six students from across the country at three different CIAN universities. Students, institutions, mentors, and projects are all listed below along with a few pictures of their time this summer.

To learn more about Summer 2017 IOU REU program and to apply, visit us here.

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Norfolk State University

Dennis Yi
Princeton University
Mentor: Dr. Demetris Geddis
Project: Computational Optimization of Band-Pass Thin-Film Optical Fibers

Columbia University

Patty Cho
Columbia University
Mentor: Dr. Keren Bergman, Yishen Huang
Project: A Machine Learning Approach to Minimize EDFA Power Excursions for Dynamic Optical Networks

Francois Mertil
New York City College of Technology
Mentor: Dr. Keren Berman, Nathan Abrams
Project: Programmable 4×4 Silicon Photonic Switch Fabric Composed of Mach Zehnder Interferometer (MZI)

John Mikalopas
Western Connecticut State University
Mentor: Dr. Michal Lipson
Project: Optimizing the Transfer of Graphene for Specific Applications Using Polymer Support Layers

University of California Berkeley

Vy-An Phan
UC Berkeley
Mentor: Dr. Connie Chang-Hasnain
Project: Time-of-Flight LIDAR System

Jianheng Luo
UC Berkeley
Mentor: Dr. Ming Wu
Project: MMI Crossing Design for 1300nm Photonic Switch

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