CIAN Perfect Pitch Competition

CIAN Accepting Video Submissions!


Participate in the Perfect Pitch competition for the chance to be awarded $5,000 for a 90 second “Elevator Pitch.” Submission should be made via email (usually videos are too large in format to email, please upload to the cloud via Google Drive or Drop box and email a shareable link) in the form of video recordings (cell phone videos with good quality are accepted). Please do not hesitate to email or call with any questions. Currently CIAN-funded students are eligible.


CIAN Winner Announcement: September 26, 2016
Dates subject to change based on dates for National Competition.
National Perfect Pitch Competition (for Winner): TBD (the winner will be notified of the date and travel information to attend the next national competition)

Find out more about the guidelines and judging rubric.


Please encourage your students to participate in the Perfect Pitch competition to receive national recognition for your lab and work at the NSF Perfect Pitch competition in Arlington, VA. To email this blog post to your students see the bottom of this post, under “Share This:” and select “Email.”

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