Final Summer of ROKET Research Experience for Teachers Program


The final summer of the CIAN Research Experience for Teachers (RET) program called ROKET (Research in Optics for K-14 Educators and Teachers) has come to a close. The summer was hot in Tucson, AZ but well worth the 6-weeks that CIAN’s final three teachers experienced.

The summer ended with a poster presentation and closing ceremonies celebrating the hard work of the three teachers.

Participant Mentor Project Title
Jorge Guarin Dr. Rolf Binder Predator-Prey Model Using Lotka-Volterra
Victor Camarena Dr. Palash Gangopadhyay and Bharati Neelamraju Polarized Microscopy of Petrified Wood: Sample Preparation and Imaging
Olivia Lansing Dr. Euan McLeod Designing and Building a Holographic Microscope

Interested in applying to a new CIAN Research Experience for Teachers!?

Summer 2017 we will be hosting up to 10 teachers for the RET Optics Research Experience for Teachers in Native American Schools. We invite anyone eligible interested to apply or contact us with questions.

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