CIAN Lecture Series Webinar – Michael Wang

Internet of Things: Teaching, Community-Building, and Health & Well-Being

Date:  Wednesday, July 20, 2016
Time:  1pm Mountain Standard Time / 4pm East Coast Standard Time

Please register by clicking on the link: Webinar   or copy and pasting to your browser:


Dr. Michael Wang
Founder, Chief Engineer

Michael is the Founder and Chief Engineer at FutureAir, a NYC-based startup aimed at re-imagining the world of indoor air. He is leading the development and integration of an IoT sensing platform and app that will improve indoor airflow, comfort, and energy efficiency. FutureAir aims to revolutionize indoor airflow with a new generation of smart, connected room air conditioners and fans to reduce wasted cooling and carbon emissions. He is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at Columbia University, where he teaches graduate level courses on Internet of Things. Additionally, Michael is an organizer of the IoT Central Meetup, one of the top ten most popular IoT meetups globally, with over 4000 members and growing. He holds a BSE from Princeton and a PhD from Columbia, both in electrical engineering. He was recently named to the Forbes 30-under-30 list under the Manufacturing and Industry category.


I will speak about three major experiences after graduating from CIAN: (1) starting an IoT company called FutureAir, (2) starting a meetup group called IoT Central, and (3) teaching IoT courses at Columbia. I will share how graduate school has prepared me for this career path, and look forward to answering any questions and providing advice for current CIAN students.

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