CIAN IAB Lecture Series Webinar – Varun Gupta

AMuSe: Large-Scale Video Delivery over WiFi

Date:  Friday, March 25, 2016
Time:  12pm Pacific Time / 3pm East Coast Time

Please register by clicking on the link: Webinar   or copy and pasting to your browser:
Webinar ID: 141-184-491


Varun Gupta
Ph.D. Candidate
Columbia University

Varun Gupta completed his undergraduate studies in Electrical Engineering at IIT Delhi and received his M.S. in Electrical Engineering at Columbia University in 2012. He is currently working towards his Ph.D. at Columbia University. His research interests include wireless networks, performance evaluation, and datacenter networks.


WiFi multicast to very large groups has gained attention as a solution for multimedia delivery in crowded areas. Yet, most recently proposed schemes do not provide performance guarantees and none have been tested at scale. In our recent papers we proposed AMuSe, a scalable system for WiFi multicast video delivery. The system includes a scheme for dynamic selection of a subset of the receivers as feedback nodes and a rate adaptation algorithm MuDRA that maximizes the channel utilization while meeting QoS requirements. In this talk I will present the design of AMuSe and results about its experimental evaluation on the ORBIT testbed with 200 WiFi nodes.

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