CIAN Graduates Take Prize at Collegiate Inventors Competition for Invention


Sangyoon Han and Tae Joon Seok take the prize at the Collegiate Inventors Competition for their invention SWAPS (Silicon Waveguide Array Photonic Switch)

At the Collegiate Inventors Competition on November 17th at the United States of Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in Alexandria, VA two UC Berkeley affiliates, Tae Joon Seok and Sangyoon Han, participated and received the bronze medal in the graduate division. Along with the bronze medal, Seok and Han received a cash prize of $10,000. They were advised by Professor Ming C. Wu of UC Berkeley and CIAN.

Sponsored by USPTO and the AbbVie Foundation, there were submissions from more than 100 universities around the United States. Seven teams were selected as finalists for the graduate division competition. At the final competition the seven finalists presented their work to inductees of the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

Seok and Han presented their invention called SWAPS for Silicon Waveguide Array Photonic Switch. The project is also supported by CIAN. It is an optical switch device based on silicon photonics and MEMS technologies. SWAPS has an excellent scaling property compared to the currently used, silicon photonics based optical switches. 

Read the official press release.

Learn more about the winners.


2015 Competition Winners for the Collegiate Inventors Competition

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