OPOTEK INC. Laser Engineer Opportunity

OPOTEK has a position available for a BS or MS student.  You must be a US citizen or be a permanent resident.  Please see below for details.

OPOTEK has an open position for a Laser Engineer. The responsibilities include active, hands-on role in all aspects of manufacturing and testing of laser systems: starting from assembling optics and mechanical components, integration and performance verification, to installation and training at the customer’s site.
Requirements: Qualified candidate should have hands-on experience with assembly and testing optical systems and lasers. Experience in working with Q-Switched Nd:YAG lasers, and non-linear optics is highly preferred.
Education: Minimum BS in Optics/Laser Sciences or closely related field is required.

OPOTEK, Inc. manufactures Tunable Laser Systems based on OPO technology. All of the products, excluding the pump lasers, are designed, manufactured, and tested by OPOTEK. The company is located in Carlsbad, CA. For more information about the company and the products visit www.opotek.com.

Please send your resume and references to:

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