Career Opportunities with Coriant Advanced Technology

The Coriant Advanced Technology Group (CATG) is currently seeking for multiple positions.

See the listings available below, and contact

CATG Lab Tech Posting

CATG Senior Test Engineer Posting

CATG Test Engineer Posting

The Coriant Advanced Technology Group (CATG) is a rapidly growing Research and Development organization focused on developing silicon photonics technology for next-generation optical communications applications. CATG has offices in New York City, Santa Clara and Santa Barbara.

The members of our leadership team have built and sold several companies, published papers in the top scientific journals in the world, raised hundreds of millions of dollars of venture capital, and have built and deployed a number of products. The team includes several acknowledged world leaders in our technical space. Many members of the technical team are PhDs from the top schools in the world – MIT, Caltech, and so forth.

In fact, it’s almost certain that, as you read this web page, the data traveling from the server to your computer or phone went through hardware that someone on our team helped build or deploy. We think that’s pretty cool. Hopefully, you do too.

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