SLC Scholarship Recipients 2015

The Student Leadership Council’s

Leadership Scholarship

recognizes CIAN students showing exceptional leadership and involvement in all aspects of CIAN in pursuit of the Engineer of 2020 attributes.

Everything a CIAN student does throughout the year is considered in his or her application for this scholarship, from outreach to publications and much more. Each student selected for the scholarship receives $500. Every student in CIAN is highly encouraged to apply whether he or she is more active in research, outreach, or both–the application recognizes many activities. A link to the Year 8 Application will be posted shortly.

CIAN recognizes the follow students for their participation, leadership, and dedication to in Year 7.

Jean-Pierre Papouloute - TuskegeeJean-Pierre ‘JP’ Papouloute – Undergraduate, Tuskegee University

The CIAN ERC has been a priceless component of my educational and professional development. I have been given the opportunity to host creative outreach presentations, gain leadership skills, improve my public speaking, and learn about the business side of engineering innovation. I feel privileged to get all of this in addition to my exposure to cutting edge optoelectronics research as an undergraduate. I appreciate the financial support, which I will use for my graduate school application expenses. Thank you CIAN team!

profile_cheah-feibien_150x200pxFeibien Cheah – Undergraduate, University of Arizona

I have participated in 14 outreach events over the past year and I loved every minutes of it! I enjoy it when people are genuinely interested into coming out into the community to learn about STEM (and optics)! Outreach has also led me to meet a lot of new people who have the same passion as I have. This scholarship is just another driving force for me to do even more outreach on the behalf of CIAN. On top of that, I gained a lot of experience that will help me in my future.

Joseph Smalley - UCSDJoseph Smalley – PhD Candidate, University of California, San Diego

I am grateful to be awarded this scholarship.  CIAN has provided me with a number of opportunities to gain professional and technical leadership experience.  Whether its through outreach events, the student leadership committee, hosting REU students, cross-campus collaboration, or the technical speaker series, I am fortunate to be a CIAN participant.  My experiences have made me aware of the value of NSF Engineering Research Centers, as a catalyst for education, innovation, and personal development.

GPSC_Bio_Pic_CroppedJasmine Sears – PhD Candidate, University of Arizona

This past year, I continued my CIAN-related research, designed and tested some new outreach demos, mentored an RET, and tried my hand at writing for the CIAN blog. CIAN’s support of my research group, outreach activities, and mentoring has been extremely helpful, giving me opportunities to learn and grow that I otherwise wouldn’t have had. This scholarship will grant me further flexibility in my research explorations and outreach development. Thank you!

Alexander Miles - UAAlex Miles – PhD Candidate, University of Arizona

I’m very exited to receive the CIAN SLC scholarship! It will help me present my research a a conference that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend, as well as allow me to dedicate more time to my studies.

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