Innovation to Market Workshop & Student Retreat

CIAN students visited the University of California San Diego to attend the Innovation to Market Workshop and the CIAN Student Annual Retreat. January 11th included a visit to the UCSD Scripps Birch Aquarium after which a delicious dinner was enjoyed at Eureka UTC! The next two days included many fantastic speakers with lots to say about innovation and how to become an effective innovator as a future Engineer of 2020.

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For a taste of the opportunities presented at the Innovation to Market Workshop and CIAN Student Retreat some talks were recorded for future presentation. Please see below to enjoy these videos and the skills offered in them.

Chris Mack – Getting Published (CIAN Student Retreat Presentation)

Franz Birkner – Financing a New Venture

Lloyd LaComb – Innovation to Market Process

Available to CIAN members only on the CIAN-private site
Request permission to view (must be logged into a Google Plus account)

Bob Norwood – Product Ideas
Dave Gibbons – Intellectual Property (CIAN Student Retreat Presentation)
Jonathan Masters – Market Opportunity


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