CIAN $500 Leadership Scholarship – Currently Accepting Applications


Leadership Scholarship

recognizes CIAN students showing exceptional leadership and involvement in all aspects of CIAN in pursuit of the Engineer of 2020 attributes with a $500 scholarship.

Everything a CIAN student does throughout the year is considered in his or her application for this scholarship, from outreach to publications and much more. Each student selected for the scholarship receives $500. Every student in CIAN is highly encouraged to apply whether he or she is more active in research, outreach, or both–the application recognizes many activities.

Due January 31, 2015

Apply for the Y7 SLC Leadership Scholarship



(L to R): Cathy Chen (Columbia University), Brittany Lynn (University of Arizona), Benjamin Cromey (University of Arizona), Soha Namnabat (University of Arizona), Brian Stern (Cornell University)

In order to be eligible for the scholarship the applicant must be a CIAN student or CIAN Ambassador as well as a USA citizen or permanent resident.

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