SiCloud: Silicon Photonics Cloud

SiCloud is a free, web-based outreach platform for silicon photonics developed in the Jalali-Lab at UCLA as part of CIAN. SiCloud’s vision is to provide a host of web-based tools for educational, research and industrial communities. This form of outreach complements CIAN’s on-site outreach and the Super Courses by providing an in-depth, exploratory approach to learning Silicon Photonics, in a manner that:

  1. Can easily be accessed by anyone from anywhere.
  2. Is interactive, bolstering the learning and research experience.

UCLA graduate student Peter DeVore led the development of SiCloud. It was first introduced on May 14 at the 2014 CIAN Annual NSF Site Visit in Tucson, Arizona. SiCloud will continually be updated and broadened. There are plans to make it open source, so that the broader community can contribute to its development.


Credit: © 2009 Saad Faruque, used under the CC BY-SA 2.0 License.


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