ACS On Campus – Tucson

October 25th the American Chemical Society (ACS) come to campus and held an all day workshop covering a short intro to “Basics in Scholarly Publishing” and “Copyright and Ethics in Scholarly Communication” followed by an amazing half-day workshop on “Acing the Interview.”  This workshop discussed every step of the process from initial interview, to secondary interview through the final, on-site interview and some of the most common concepts and questions you might be asked along the way.

This post isn’t intended to be an endorsement of ACS necessarily, but this workshop was so useful I wanted to pass on the information so you can find the next event nearest you (membership not required for attendance).  I also learned about the amazing student support network available to student members (link here) with professionals that will work with you one-on-one with your resume or CV as well as run mock-interviews over the phone all included in the price of the membership.

Membership is pricey for this society (~$75 graduate student member) and it isn’t necessarily completely aligned with many of our studies but you might find the career guidance useful if you are nearing the end of your graduate career and looking at how to approach the next step.


Education & Outreach Chair

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